Dating in Indianapolis
Colette Campbell | Mar. 23, 2017

So you’ve matched with a cutie on whatever various form of dating app, showed your friends, had the standard back and forth (“hey cutie ” “hey yourself” etc) , stalked the living daylights out of them on social media, finessed the number out of said cutie and now you have somehow, by a miracle of God managed to land a date.

This is your first official impression. Disappointment is not an option. But maybe you’re new to the city or you work so much that you don’t know the city or you’re admittedly lame and need some help. Allow me to introduce myself: I am the Festo Love Doctor, I also go by Goddess Divine, but you can go ahead and call me Colette. I am here to help you make the nearly spiritual decision of where to meet up for that oh-so-important first impression. So without further ado, here are my favorite date spots.

The “Let’s Meet Up for Coffee” Date
Henry’s Coffee Bistro on East st. -$
Strengths: price point, atmosphere, puppies

Skip the stereotypical Starbucks pop-in for this super fresh little bistro. I’m a sucker for a good Chai Latte and they’ve got it at a VERY reasonable price point, their in house coffee blend is really wonderful as well. And with the most DARLING outdoor patio space, stocked with giant planters you’ll feel like you and your crush are sitting in a garden sippin’ your lattes. Not to mention it’s right next door to a vet clinic so there is no lack of puppies and cute little birdies that play in the bird baths outside…science says cute animals are the way to a woman’s heart………. (We got your back).

The “Let’s Get Drinks” Date
The Libertine- $$
Strengths: ALL the things

Located sneakily under what USED to be Pizzaology, Neal Brown’s basement speakeasy is my go-to when it comes to an artfully prepared cocktail and farm to table appetizers. You can’t help but feel sexy when you’re down in this bar, and if you’re not feeling sexy…after a drink or two you will be. Those bartenders know what they’re doing and don’t make their drinks for the faint at heart. The seasonal menu often features fresh takes on classic drinks (my all time favorite is the Anecdote, or mescal death as I like to call it) and funky little apps to help soak up the booze. Your crush will no doubt be impressed by the very original air of this spot and their outstanding selection of booze and fabulously crafted cocktails.
P.S. If you’re feeling daring have Neal make you a real absinthe service…just make sure you use Uber on your Festo app to get home.

The Classic Dinner Date
Union 50- $$$
Strengths: Versitility, atmosphere, price point, booze

Taking a step into Union 50 is like taking a step into a different city. Part of the Cunningham Restaurant Group, this little slice of industrial, new American heaven is situated on East St. right off Mass Ave. Prepare to be won over by an EXTREMELY versatile menu. Whether you and your new hunk of burnin’ love want to munch on a chef choice, farm to table charcuterie board or order a few of their sharable entrees, this spot is guaranteed to set the perfect tone for romance. I personally, have a weakness for their fries, yes…fries, with the homemade ketchup and truffle aioli. Holy Mother of God, out of this world. Ask your waiter for the best wine to pair with what you’ve selected (and buy the bottle, that’s always a good move) and enjoy the late night live music they bring in on the reg. This spot will be your go to date night spot for sure.

The “Let’s do Something Different” Date
Rocketdoll Revue at the White Rabbit-$
Strengths: it’s HOT and FUN

The wonderful world of burlesque. Need I say more? Pasties, glitter, boobs, comedy, good music and overall fun. I LOVE the girls of the Rocketdoll Revue at the White Rabbit. These lovelies are FABULOUS and oh-so-hilarious. If you want a saucy, silly, different date night, this is your spot. The White Rabbit is a warm, old school bar with a stage and very few clothes but lots of laughs…what more could you possibly want? Now, I would definitely say make sure your date is into this kind of thing, otherwise shit is going to hit the fan in a matter of seconds, but overall, I think this is a neat idea. It’s also a good way to get conversation flowing by being in a space that’s outside of your comfort zone.

Well Folks, that’s all for today! Thank you so much for reading and we are looking forward to hearing your date night success stories.